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Facial Brush
Facial Brush
Facial Brush

Facial Brush

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100% Nested natural brush for a gentle massage or washing your face from goat's bristles. Extremely delicate when washing your face with your favorite soap or gel. Natural bristles are ideal even for sensitive skin - it will not irritate it and will thoroughly clean pores. The natural smell of goat during washing is not a product defect.
A gentle massage will not only stimulate the lymphatic system and improve blood circulation to the face and neck, improving the circulation of nutrients, but primarily by regulating blood circulation in these areas for people struggling with circulation problems, will avoid many health problems. So it will help eliminate e.g. dizziness, migraines, neuralgia, as well as improve well-being and wonderfully stimulate. Our stressed skin will get rid of excessive muscle tension. A delicate facial scrub with a brush makes the face less sensitive than, e.g. chemical treatments, does not dehydrate the skin, and does not introduce foreign substances into it. Do you need something more?
In addition, a daily, very short brush massage improves facial muscle function, prevents excessive fat loss and its unfavorable migration, so you can openly write that it is also a rejuvenating treatment.


  • helps maintain a young, fresh look
  • accelerates skin regeneration
  • smoothes the skin

Bristle: goat bristles.

Packaging: organic raw cotton bag.

Made in Poland.