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Wooden Money Bank - Natural
Wooden Money Bank - Natural
Wooden Money Bank - Natural

Wooden Money Bank - Natural

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Are you looking for somewhere to store your children's pocket money or teach them how to save? This beautiful whale money bank is great for the little ones also fantastic as a gift. 

“Whales in the channel, you will have a storm” is an expression used in the Portuguese language, which was originated in Azores, a portuguese archipelago on Atlantic Ocean, where is possible to see whales.

Popular wisdom, often based on empirical knowledge, associated the sighting of these animals with the arrival of thunderstorms …

These friendly whales will never bring storms, and will be a safe place for the little ones to store their treasures!

Every product comes with a postcard (10 cm x 15 cm), which illustrates the portuguese expression and explains the meaning of it, both in portuguese and english. It can be framed.

Size: 17cm x 7cm x 9cm

Made of Nordic Pine. Handmade in Portugal. Each product is unique.